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    Venice High School – K-12 Foodservice

    Venice, Florida

    During his tenure as a Food Service Consultant, Jim Richards, Jr has had the pleasure of working with several School Districts in the design of their K-12 schools. One of his projects was the High School Kitchen/Cafeteria project at Venice High School in Sarasota County Florida.

    The plan was to build a new kitchen and cafeteria in the existing library building. This presented several challenges such as working around existing structure and space restrictions.

    The solution was to borrow elements of his innovative and successful design of Riverview High School’s cafeteria and incorporate a peninsula-style entree area that included four tray lines. Additionally, two additional “grab-n-go” serving lines, that faced an outdoor patio, were incorporated. The stations were completely self-sufficient with accommodation for hot and cold holding. The stations could be stocked prior to and for the duration of all three lunch periods.

    Altogether, the six stations split the student body into manageable groups, provided greater supervision, and enabling the limited staff to easily feed students within the thrity minute lunch periods. The “grab-n-go” stations provided the students with a greater sense of choice.


    “Jim Richards Jr was involved in many kitchen designs with the School Board of Sarasota County.  Jim is respectful of clients’ knowledge and preferences, and works with them to find workable, functional solutions. He takes responsibility throughout the design process, and strives to provide a superior experience, and an excellent finished product.”

    Beverly L. Girard, Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Sarasota County Schools


    *Project design completed Jim Richards, Jr while employed by Fishman & Associates

    Project Details

    A look at the kitchen and cafeteria at Venice High School in Sarasota, Florida. The facility opened in 2012 and serves the high school students of Sarasota County. Jim Richards, Jr served as the Food Service Consultant on the project providing design services, equipment specification and overall project management.* The architectural firm of record is Schenkel Shultz Architecture (Sarasota, FL).

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