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    The Whetstone – College Fine Dining

    Bradenton, Florida

    The Whetstone is the fine dining portion of Manatee Technical College’s 12,000 square foot culinary teaching kitchen. When Culinary students have achieved a more advanced level of training, they serve in The Whetstone. Student chefs create and serve a classically prepared lunch of three courses. The design includes it’s own kitchen, separate from the main culinary teaching kitchen, with a prep area, cookline, chef’s counter and server station. The Whetstone, which opened in  2013, is operated by culinary arts students, staff and the public. |READ MORE|


    Jim Jr was magnificent in working with my entire culinary team. I was impressed with his holistic and personal approach, as well as his genuine willingness to listen to our questions, concerns and exceeding all our expectations.”

    Chef Garry Colpitts, CEC, CFSE
    Former Lead Chef Instructor, Manatee Technical College, Bradenton, FL


    *Project design completed by Jim Richards, Jr while employed by Fishman & Associates

    Project Details

    A look at The Whetstone, the fine dining area of the culinary arts training facility at Manatee Technical College in Bradenton, Florida. The facility opened in 2013 and provides food service to students, staff and the public. Jim Richards, Jr served as the Food Service Consultant on the project providing design services, equipment specification and overall project management.* The architectural firm of record is Fawley-Bryant Architects (Sarasota, FL). In 2015, the MTC facility was awarded the Florida Educational Facilities Planners Association First Place Design Award.

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